Need to rescue the Euro-dream?

If Europe is meant to survive and develop, it is not only Europe itself but Japan and US as well that are about to celebrate. To celebrate what? The continuation of a dream, the maintenance of a hope that internationalism, international legal order and co-operation between nations can survive. Is that true? For Gideon Rachman (FT, 18th May 2010) both Japan and US (under Obama’s administration)  are (or were?) keen supporters of the ‘European Idea’. Is this belief to the ‘new world order’ as inspired by Europe to pass away due to recent economic crisis? Definitely saving the Eurozone is of first priority but to do so the restructure of the European governance is essential. It is not any rescue package (or bail-out if we prefer) that can provide a long-term solution to the problem. Before (or even after…)  we rescue the economies we need to rescue the dream, the European dream….

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