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Path vs Facebook?

December 2, 2010

Tired of Facebook? Unable to handle a great amount of ‘friends’ and to systematically interact with them? Path is probably the solution! This is a new social media platform also available at Apple store.

According to the Path’s blog: “Path is the personal network.  A place to be yourself and share life with close friends and family…..Path allows you to capture your life’s most personal moments and share them with the 50 close friends and family in your life who matter most.Because your personal network is limited to your 50 closest friends and family, you can always trust that you can post any moment, no matter how personal. Path is a place where you can be yourself.”

Is Path supposed to offer a new ‘path’ to social networking by being more anti-social? Or, exactly because it limits the interaction among max 50 people is likely to emerge as a more pragmatic, meta-social forum? I am sure I will tell more after ‘tasting’ it!

Just face it: The Face is fading away….

November 29, 2010

What? Will Facebook trademark the word ‘face’? This is extremely interesting for the intellectual property researchers. Does it mean that the word ‘face’ will become a ‘property’ of the largest social network? What about the word ‘book’? ???

Justice and the just Internet

November 20, 2010

The Lord Chief Justice called the jurors not to use Internet material that may be ‘inaccurate and false’ when they try their cases. He also mentioned Twitter as likely to cause risks to the fairness of the trial.

Can the social media threaten the jury system? Definitely they can support raising funds for charities and mobilize concern as another story suggests….


that story is MINE

October 28, 2010

Glad to see that the news are not surrounded by individual stories re the Chilean miners who luckily escaped the abyss of the earth two weeks ago. Of course that story received the world-wide attention and no doubt that its happy ending raised hope and belief . But when I realised the intensity of the media coverage around the ‘black hole’ I prepared myself for an endless media story about where the miners find themselves after the rescue, how they adjust to the new reality etc etc. I was worrying for a ‘that story is mine‘ media attitude but it seems that the story is just theirs…..

the magic letter -i-

October 26, 2010

A few weeks ago at the beginning of the academic term one of my students made an interesting observation while discussing the political and social implications of ‘Netizen-ship’ : how the letter ‘i’ has dominated our networked society and whether it is more related to Independency rather than to Individualism. Or both.

Just today I came across the BBC Magazine’s post re the meaning of the ‘i’ letter. It is also today that the i Newspaper by the Independent is making its appearance in the stage of the British Press.

To Be or ….Net to Be?

September 13, 2010

We tend to give fake names on the Net. Is that we are dishonest with the others, dishonest with ourselves or both? Is that we like playing with our identity and we think that the Net offers such an opportunity? Is the fake identity we choose more real than the ‘real’ one? Is the Net the mirror that reflects deep desires or elements of the self that the offline reality cannot accommodate? Can the Net be the real sphere of political incorrectness? Questions, questions, questions……

How kind is the Kindle?

September 13, 2010

Will Kindles replace the traditional reading methods or even the books? Will they be welcomed by the students? As a regular Amazon customer I come across many books that have been converted in a Kindle format. I recently found that among students who participated in a study, only few seemed to regard Kindle as user-friendly. (FT, Monday September 6, 2010). Are we ready to introduce Kindle in higher education?

I am trying to imagine Socrates’ students carrying their I-Pads and wondering what is more ‘intrusive’: the complex distribution of the digital content of their teacher’s lectures or their teacher himself?

‘Butcher’, a Chinese netizen activist

May 19, 2010

I am in favour of the spread of social networking services. They’ll probably become the future tools of accountability. Who knows? With interest I read the story of a Chinese social activist, Wu Gan, known as ‘butcher’, who uses social media to scrutinise the government, to identify the governmental misdeeds and call for further invenstigations. By tweeting, uploading videos, blogging the makes an effort to use the virtual world in order to change real lifes. I wish him good luck. (more…)

Legacy Locker or how to control virtual assets after death…

May 5, 2010

What happens to your online assets when you cannot access them? How to take care of your digital legacy? In the Financial Times (Thursday April 15 2010) we read: ‘…Mr Toeman, serial web enterpreneur based in San Francisco, created a service to help get round the problem. Last year, he launched Legacy Locker, a site that allows people to save passwords to important online accounts and have them passed on to a nominated person after death….’. This is very important in a time when many websites do not allow access to accounts for bereaved families. I can see a huge potential here for the area of law that deals with digital worlds. Various social questions are also raised: In the era of facebook and twitter is the ‘real’ death the beginning point of the ‘digital afterlife’? Can we still ‘survive’ through the continuation of our ‘digital persona’? Or…I log on therefore I exist??